Dartfish shows Usain Bolt could be faster!

Legendary Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson expertly showcased the unique performance analysis functions of Dartfish in his recent BBC feature on Usain Bolt.

Johnson utilised various Dartfish features, including drawing tools, to outline the physical and technical characteristics of the double Olympic champion.  Specifically he pointed out how Bolt’s large build presents real challenges for the 24-year-old, as standing at 6’5, Bolt is forced to run in a much more upright position than his rivals. Johnson highlights, using his Dartfish analysis tools, how this is traditionally viewed as a limiting factor in sprinting, due to a higher centre of gravity resulting in a reduced rate of acceleration.

However, these apparent technical deficits are unlikely to provide much comfort to Bolt’s major rivals; The Jamaican clocked 9.84 over 100m this week in Korea, the fastest time this year, and Johnson’s closing remarks sound ominous for his fellow competitors: “Can he be faster is the question everybody wants to know?……….Absolutely.”

Michael Johnson utilises Dartfish motion analysis technology at his Michael Johnson Performance Centre, a world-class establishment providing the highest levels of coaching support to professional and emerging athletes. To view the original BBC segment and see Dartfish in action please click here.

For more information on how Dartfish Video Analysis software could aid you and your organisation please visit Optimal’s website: www.optimalanalysis.co.uk or email Optimal Analysis.


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