Hit, Miss or Maybe: The Good Gym



The Good Gym arose out of a frustration with normal gyms being a waste of energy and human potential. After a year or so of thinking, testing and developing ideas the project was submitted to Social Innovation Camp in December 2008. The project was rapidly developed by a wonderful team of people and won first prize. Since then The Good Gym has grown an advisory board and put together the basis of a pilot project to prove the concept and its potential impact.

The Good Gym aims to develop a new model of voluntary action by focusing on the positive experience of the volunteer. It is hoped that this approach will result in a higher number and quality of volunteers. The model aims to make it as easy as possible for people to integrate voluntary participation into their lives.

The service that is provided per episode may only have a small impact on the user but the ability to mobilise more volunteers should give the project a large impact overall.

In gyms all over the country people all over Britain work away furiously; peddling, pushing, lifting, running and achieving no external benefits. The Good Gym aims to harness this energy by making it easier for people to channel this energy towards social good.

Additional information:

BBC News report video

My comments:

Great cause. Tackling isolation and loneliness by the simple act of visiting and helping. Made even better by ensuring participants benefit too by keeping fit.

Having said that, not sure this would work across the UK – especially in rural areas and I also think it sounds very “London”. As a runner however – I cannot help but think that the novelty would wear off after a short while and actually it may interfere and be a burden with lives that are already fit to burst with activities.


Maybe a hit in London otherwise for me its a MISS.


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