Golf Consulting: Why are so many golf clubs failing?

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Discussions at the PGA show in Orlando earlier in the year and at the recent KPMG conference in Dubai inevitably turned to the failing of many golf clubs in the US and it was suggested that the closure rate is estimated to be quite high. Which begs the question, why?

One thing to note – as a percentage of golf courses in the traditional golfing countries such as the US Britain and Canada, the rate is not that high in relation the closure of businesses in many other sectors. However, the sport is undoubtedly facing a very challenging period.

Loughe Erne - Recently went into administration

I would suggest the reasons for the failure of golf clubs are as varied as the courses themselves and one must take each on its merits. However, there are is a key reason why so many of them fail. Naivety.

Many owners of golf clubs begin with a passion for the game and the project, which is great! However, like many people who buy soccer clubs or hockey teams they do so following a successful career in business and forget that they USED to go to the golf club to relax and have fun. NOW they have to apply the business principles they used to LEAVE BEHIND at the golf club gate!

They forget one of the basic principles of business – customer experience. Every angle has to be covered to ensure that the customer experience is perfect from the first contact to the service they receive on the day at reception, in the shop, on the course and in the bar. There is more to the golf experience than the beautiful views and quality of the holes.

That does not mean to say that running the golf club cannot be fun. It will be if the same principles of business are applied to providing a great service to the people who play at the club as successful business managers apply elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Golf Consulting: Why are so many golf clubs failing?

  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    I agree, many golf courses leave out or forget that the golf course should be an experience. As soon as someone enters the property until they leave the property. It is not just a well kept playing ground for golf.

  2. RAMESH K says:

    golf courses to be maintained properly regular grass cutting as per the standards to of particular golf course plays important role in selecting golf clubs and his
    recomendation on club level golfers will make lot of difference.

    nov.21st 2011

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