5 Key Areas of Business: Focus & Develop

The 5 Key Areas Of Business And Why You Must Focus On Them And Develop Each One Of Them At Once.

1) You: “You are your highest leverage.” You call the shots and you get to decide how big or how small you want to be. You control your state of mind. The size of your box is only limited by you. You must constantly be developing yourself and your skills. “To become a person who attracts, keeps, and develops great people, you must first develop yourself in many ways.”

2) Your Market: “Narrow your focus in the face of increasing opportunity.” I thought this was interesting: “Develop the skill of overlooking opportunity.” Hmmm…Contrary to popular belief. But, popular belief has never really won out when you think about it. Leaders don’t follow the herd. They create the herd.

Simply put: stop entertaining every idea that comes your way and jumping from the next great sounding idea to the next. Stop being a ‘jack of all trades’ and a ‘master of none.’ The masters win out. Stop trying to be all things to all people. It’s a rookie mindset. Commit and focus. And never lose focus or you lose. Period.

Put the blinders on. Pick a direction and run with it like there is no tomorrow. This is where the big success starts to show up.

That couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time than today as we are all over exposed and inundated with new information and new ideas.

3) Your Marketing: You must create “public consciousness” in your marketing efforts. Look for customers who are looking for you. “It’s better to be first than it is to be better.”

Hmmm…Market share?

Make sure there is pain and urgency in your message or an “irrational passion.” This causes an emotional drive from your prospect or customer and we all know that people act on emotion instead of logic 9 out of 10 times if given the choice. Its human nature.

When it comes to creating names for you or your business, “create names that are impossible to forget, not easy to remember.” Read that again.

Start giving away more for free. Don’t keep your best ideas a secret. Share them. Give them away. Lose the scarcity mentality. Give to get. Give away the “what to do.” Sell the “how to do it.”

Genius. Yet so simple…

4) Your People: When you start bringing people into your business to assist you with your growth (and this better be in your plans or you are not planning for success) make sure they are “Drivers.”

I love this term. Drivers are people who focus on results not work. Big difference. A Driver has a sense of personal responsibility. In my world I call this “taking ownership” or what he says: “Taking ownership of the result.” Even better. A driver is persistent and determined. A Driver does not need to be told what to do.

This is why CEOs of many businesses only hire Virtual Assistants in their multi-million dollar enterprise. Because they can give them ownership. CEOs can pick out the stars and have no obligation to them. They don’t pay them a salary. They don’t pay their benefits. They are independent contractors. VA’s are not employees and they tend not to view their projects in terms of work but in terms of results (at least the good ones will).

VA’s are becoming the secret of the wealthy in the internet marketing world these days and the growth of this industry has been staggering as of late.

5) Your Systems: Three words here: Automate, automate, and automate. “Automate the repetitive tasks and outsource the more complex projects.”

But, and this is a big but: never outsource your copywriting or core marketing projects. This is your baby and no one knows your business like you do. Those of you who know me personally or are coached and mentored by me know that I feel pretty strongly about that last point and you should too.

Writing your own sales copy and your own ads whether it be emails, web site capture pages, or small sponsor ads is your most valuable skill and will allow you to be you in your advertising efforts.

Notice how often the word “Your” was used in this overview. Is there a theme developing here?

Everything is in your control my friend. You are your most important asset.

Get a handle on the above 5 key areas. Read it again. Print it. Study it. Understand it. Focus. And work on you.


About davidmorganjenkins
I am an experienced international, commercial, strategic business leader delivering customer focussed initiatives for world class leisure & sports brands. I have a credible track record of leadership and senior management experience in particular with business operations, marketing & business development within leisure, sport, ecommerce/retail & B2C sectors. I have a unique creative vision, supported by sound financial management & budgetary responsibility having increased brand awareness, sales & core revenue by 60% & profit 200 % at Football Aid over a 3 year period. In parallel, I am centred on attention to detail ensuring a consistent product offering and the greatest possible customer experience. This is delivered through strong collaborative teamwork and creating a culture of creativity, determination and enthusiasm amongst team members. I possess an ability to cement & develop relationships at all levels and can easily engage, report to & upwardly manage share & stakeholder alliances ensuring delivery of business objectives. Key skills Developing & implementing business plans focussing on sales, profits & volume Bringing sales & marketing strategy to life to inspire customers; making visions/dreams a reality Customer service; driving enhanced customer satisfaction & delivering a reputation for excellence Developing, influencing & implementing plans & partnerships that deliver competitive advantage Effective planning & delivery of multiple channel, venue & geographical programmes & projects Leading & managing operation, marketing & business development teams to believe in their ability to succeed Experience headlines Commercial; sales, strategy, development, marketing, sponsorship, promotion, customers service Business administration: P&L, performance, improvement & operational management Marketing & brand; communications, brand management, development & membership/loyalty Ecommerce & retail; FMCG, optimisation, data (CRM), social media, SEO, PPC & affiliates Technology; CRM, web TV, new media, smart phone/iPhone applications

One Response to 5 Key Areas of Business: Focus & Develop

  1. Bob Devitz says:

    Well stated David. Great advice. BTW, who is your early selection for the Open Championship?

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