Retail / FMCG / mCommerce

eCommerce in the UK is now worth £408.3 Billion and grows at rate of 24.9%! The UK is the number 1 eCommerce Country globally!

As such, its importance of eCommerce on the UK economy is greater than that of Oil and Gas but with only a fraction of the support and training.

Fettes Management focusses on the best business opportunities and fundamentally the commercial interests of its clients. Fettes Management is not a design agency, not a team of social media gurus, nor will it baffle you with technology or developer speak. It will not seduce you soley by the aesthetics of good looking website, the belief that SEO is the key driver to success or the delivery of merely an eCommerce platform.

What Fettes Management will do is to work with you in partnership, working to deliver significant financial improvements to your online offering and we will focus on the full marketing mix including delivery of fantastic websites that customers love, the marketing and promotional side of your online presence and cut through the clutter from the fact that everyone is doing eCommerce!

Fettes Management has worked across the sectors of retail, FMCG and mCommerce.

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