Welcome to Fettes Management: a unique, and in such tough and interesting economic times, a timely consulting business improvement service.

Aimed at the SME market and working to provide an alternative to a full time resource where business finances restrict the appropriate calibre of individual, Fettes Management provides strategy, leadership, management and ultimately delivery across sporting, ecommerce/retail, FMCG, technology, not for profit and all interrelated sectors.

Fettes Management has vast experience working across the commercial, sales, marketing and business administration spectrum to deliver better results for your business. If you struggle to find the right path to make your business work more effectively, require a top level commercial review of your enterprise, seek help to deliver a clear strategic pathway or want external resource that consolidates your existing core business offering – Fettes Management exist to help your business.

We can also work with you to explore, create and deliver on new opportunities or work to turn around even the most ailing business projects or ventures.

For direct contact and the quickest way to understand how Fettes Management can assist your business ambitions, please get in contact.

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