Public Perception: London 2012

The Olympics certainly started with a bang, courtesy of one Danny Boyle. But while the measure of true sporting achievement continues in earnest in venues around Englands Capital City, what is the perception of the British public on a sporting spectacle that they have helped fund?  Find out with our London 2012 Olympic infographic on the thoughts of a Nation.

Infographic by PolicyExpert.

Olympic Ins and Outs: London 2012

There is a plethora of sporting disciplines coming together over the next 16 days and its enough to confuse and flummox the most ardent of sporting supporters however, worry not – all you ever need to know about the London Olympics in 2012 is here in this handy desktop viewing guide.

How Social are the Most Valuable Brands?

Author: Socialgility

What will brands gain from London’s Olympics?

Author: Ross McGuinnes @ Metro

Sponsorship has become ubiquitous and nowhere is this more evident that in the world of sport. But does aligning your brand with a big event reap more benefits for global brands than simply plastering their advertising everywhere? As next year’s Olympic Games in London loom, we look at what both sides get out of the relationship.

In millions of households across Britain, the same music blares out from the television on Tuesday and Wednesday nights: ‘THESE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!’

Although the catchy lyrics of the UEFA Champions League theme song refer to Europe’s best footballers, they could also be used to describe the various brands backing the event.

But can anyone name the main sponsors of the coverage? Just how much attention does the average football fan pay to who the ‘proud’ sponsors are?

To those big-money backers, though, simple advertising is seemingly not enough to get their message across. They have to be part of an event that is cherished by millions.

‘Sponsorship now is about how you get your brand ethos, how you connect with the fan worship and how you’re smart and how you own the story that surrounds the sport,’ PR guru Mark Borkowski said

He added that a full partnership with an event such as the Champions League, the World Cup or the Olympics offered so much more than simply taking out some adverts.

‘It gives you an opportunity to craft your story, to be involved at the foundations of these activities,’ he added.

‘Buying advertising gives you spots; you know what you’re getting but we’re all beginning to understand that people probably move out of the ad breaks to actually make a cup of tea, so you’re not connected with it.

‘The emotional connection is absolutely in the sponsorship packages, the PR, the marketing, the advertisers all bound together as one idea, rather than just slapping your logo on a shirt.’

One of the main sponsors of the Champions League is Ford, which last week extended its partnership with the competition, which already stretches back to 1992, until 2015.

Ford’s European chief executive, Stephen Odell, said of the tournament: ‘It is about the best-of-the-best on the ultimate stage, and that’s why Ford wants to be part of it.’

But there is no bigger sporting event next year than the Olympics. The eyes of the world will be on London in the summer – and the sponsors know it.

The 2012 Games has 55 sponsors, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Visa. ‘For those sort of brands it’s a case of keeping you up there,’ said Borkowski. ‘How would it look now if McDonald’s weren’t part of some of those big events? They will be trying to push into grass roots sport.’

This sense of corporate social responsibility means McDonald’s will showcase the produce of British farmers providing its food during the Games in London. It is also helping to train 70,000 volunteers for the event.

McDonald’s has been an official sponsor of the Olympics since 1976.

‘Sponsorship is essential to the successful staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,’ a spokeswoman for McDonald’s said.

This view is echoed by Locog, the London 2012 Organising Committee, which manages the money contributed by sponsors to ensure the Games run smoothly. ‘Without our sponsors, the Games simply wouldn’t happen,’ a London 2012 spokeswoman said.

For their investment, Olympic sponsors receive exposure but also legal protection. A government act prevents brands which are not official sponsors from getting in on the act.

Borkowski said the biggest brands were increasingly opting to back events rather than individuals because stars can find themselves embroiled in scandals.

‘Brands have felt a lot more troubled about getting the hottest talent – they can misbehave, get injured or do something stupid on tour,’ he added.

He thinks brands tread a fine line between overexposure and success: ‘I think we’re all very cynical about sponsorship now.’

There is another factor that brands are keen to exploit – good old-fashioned word of mouth. Steve Barton, of the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association UK, said sponsors were always looking for ‘added value’. He said IBM’s deal with the Wimbledon tennis championships was a good example of two partners working together.

‘IBM sponsors Wimbledon but then it gets involved with serving up information in real time about the tournament and actually turns it into a demonstration of the brand proposition,’ he added.

The 2012 Games, it’s sponsors and their legacy

As the London Olympic Games fast approaches (less than one year from now), Ive been exploring a little into the roles of its sponsors ultimately to see what they are hoping for from their significant association fees but also what part each has to play in the all important Olympic legacy that has been a part of the events important core message.

Here is a breakdown of the 46 core sponsors to this point, their role and what they will contribute, if anything, to the legacy.

Name of
Role of partner Contribution to the Olympic
Acer Acer will provide support
related to its technology, including defining and testing the PC equipment
for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Acer aims to provide winter
sports facilities within London. The indoor resorts will last beyond 2012 and
help to sustain the Olympic Legacy by promoting indoor sporting activities in
a city which would not normally have the opportunity to provide such facilities.
Adecco Adecco will be responsible for
the Organising Committee’s permanent and temporary recruitment up until 2012.
An online jobs board has been launched that features all available roles.
Diversity and inclusivness is key focus.
Adecco has partnered with the
British Olympics Association to launch the BOA Athletic Career Programme.
This initiative aims to help athletes before, during and after competition by
providing placements and other opportunities for financial support. The Athlete Career Fair will also help those athletes who are retiring after 2012 to find
work and support. Additionally, the online jobs board will specifically aim
to recruit a diverse workforce to the Games that is inclusive of people with
disabilities, from ethnic minorities or from disadvantaged backgrounds.
adidas adidas will provide sportswear
for Olympic staff as well as kit for the British Olympic Association and
British Paralympic Association.
adidas will launch five
multi-sport outdoor venues called adiZones which will help to involve young
people in sport and other physical activities. They will also support the
Young Ambassadors movement, an initiative to train young ambassadors for the Games in an attempt to attract more young people to sport.
Aggreko Aggreko will provide temporary power supplies for the
Information unavailable
Airwave Airwave will provide private mobile radio service for use
within all Games venues.
Airwave will develop a specialist mobile radio communications system called Tetra, which is designed for emergency services and public safety agencies. Tetra will continue to develop after 2012 and provide new services in the London area.
ArcelorMittal ArcelorMittal will provide steel and other construction
services for the Olympic Games.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit tower is a new, 115m-tall sculpture that will be situated near the Olympic Stadium. It is expected to generate £10m per year in revenue and around 50 new jobs.
Atkins Atkins is the official
engineering design services provider for the Games, which includes help with
building design, acoustics, fire and accessibility advice for Games venues
across the UK.
Atkins will transform the Horse Guards Parade into an Olympic venue for the Beach Volleyball competition.
Atos Origin Atos Origin is responsible for
designing, integrating, testing, managing and securing the IT systems for the
Atos Origin aims to reduce IT
power consumption for the London Games, thereby promoting an environmentally   sustainable Olympics.
BMW BMW will supply more than 4000 cars and motorbikes for the
Olympic Games.
BMW’s Olympic Legacy involvement
includes the introduction of numerous electronic vehicles in an attempt to
create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Olympic Games.
BP BP will provide oil and fuel for
the 4,700 official vehicles during the Games, as well as car cleaning
services and liquified petroleum gas for catering needs.
BP aims to create an enduring
and reusable infrastructure for the Games, promoting sustainability around
London in the process.
British Airways British Airways is the official
airline for the Olympics, and it will fly Team GB to training sessions and
other events in the run-up to the Games.
British Airways will suport the
Great Britons programme by investing in a £500,000 fund for up to 180 flights
a year until 2012 allowing people to develop their talent and realise their
BT BT is a sustainability partner
for the Olympics and will provide the communications infrastructure for the
Olympic sites.
BT promises a green Olympic
legacy and will develop a methodology for measuring the carbon footprint of
its communications technology.
Cadbury Cadbury, as the official treat
provider to London 2012 will supply confectionary throughout the Games.
Cadbury has launched a campaign
to get people involved with physical activites. Called the Spots V Stripes
campaign, the aim is to get millions of people around the country involved in
playing ‘mini-games’.
CBS Outdoor CBS Outdoor is the official
outdoor advertising supplier for London 2012 and will supply outdoor media
space to support the major marketing campaigns up to 2012.
CBS Outdoor will sponsor the new
green energy lighting system for the landmark fountains in Trafalgar Square,
inspiring long-term environmental sustainability in time for the Olympics and
beyond. They will also CBS Outdoor will help market the vast volunteering
programme, which aims to involve 70,000 in the Olympics, using its outdoor
media space.
Cisco Cisco’s Borderless Network
architecture will enable a vast Network infrastructure, allowing athletes and
spectators around the world to connect with each other.
Cisco will help to transform the
Olympic Park by providing IP services to various systems around the area.
They will also develop a Innovation Centre which will promote technical
excellence and demonstrate how technology can transform local businesses and communities.
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola will provide beverages
for the millions of athletes, tourists and visitors to the Olympics. It is
also sponsor of the Torch Relay and will be funding athlete development and
Coca-Cola will contribute to the
legacy vision of helping Britain get active by offereing free swimming via
bottles of Schweppes Abbey Well mineral water. In keeping with the theme of
sustainability, the company is increasing the number of recycle zones across
the country and will be seeking to reduce carbon emmissions through the use
of new technologies.
Crystal CG Crystal CG is the digital
imaging services supplier for the Olympics, which includes designing 3D
visualisations of Olympic venues.
Company unable to provide details
Deloitte Deloitte is the official
professional services provider for the Games and will help to organise and
distribute the nine million tickets around the world.
Deloitte will help shape the
business legacy of the Games by accelerating business performance and
providing a sustainable economic foundation for the future.
Dow The official chemistry company
of the Olympic Movement, Dow produces many of the products and materials
which form the building blocks of the Olympic Games, from the fibers of
swimsuits to the lightweight frames of bicycles.
Company unable to provide details
EDF EDF is a sustainability partner
for the Olympics and its role includes promoting climate change issues to
businesses and individuals
By aiming to save a tonne of CO2
from home energy use before 2012, EDF will help to inspire a decline in
carbon emissions. They will also team with the youth charity Envision in
order to support the Legacy Champions programme, a project to create a community
legacy for young people in six Olympic boroughs.
Eurostar Eurostar is the official international rail services provider
for the Olympics.
A new international station will
be built in Stratford by Eurostar which will provide a direct international
service for spectators during the Olympics and ebyond, increasing London’s
prestige as an international city.
Brukhaus Deringer LLP
Freshfields Brukhaus Deringer LLP will be the official legal
provider for London 2012.
Freshfields will be supporting
three athletes in their quest to compete in the Games and is also part of the
Cultural Olympiad initiative to promote arts and culture. There is also a
‘Personal Challenge’ project for staff which encourages them to focus on
their own individual development before broadening its role to involve to
wider community.
GE GE will provide environmental
and infrastructure support, as well as cutting edge medical facilities for
the athletes
GE has donated £4.8 million
worth of medical equipment to Homerton University Hospital in Hackney, East
London. This pledge will enhance the hospital’s care of premature and sick
babies and helo reduce the infant mortality rates across the Borough of Hackney.
GlaxoSmithKline GSK will supply laboratory services to the Games as well as
anti-dope facilities.
Through its anti-doping
facilities, GSK will set an ethical standard which will endure long after
Gymnova Gymnova is the official equipment supplier for the Olympic
Company unable to provide details
Heineken UK Heineken UK is the official lager supplier for the Olympics. Company unable to provide details
Holiday Inn Official Hotel Provider for the
Olympics. They will provide residential managers, receptionists and other
staff in the Athletes’ Village, as well as accommodating guests during and
after the Olympic and Paralympic Games.1,500 free nights will be provided to
emerging and established British athletes.
Holiday Inn will help visitors
from around the world explore the UK before, during and after the Olympics.
They will also employ aspiring athletes at numerous hotels to help them earn
money and build their work experience with a view to future careers.
John Lewis John Lewis is the official department store provider for the
The ‘Partners in Sport’
initiative from John Lewis involves sponsoring seven Olympics hopefuls as
well as funding sports coaches.
Lloyds TSB Lloyds TSB is the banking and
insurance partner of the Olympic Games and will support various businesses
through 2012 and beyond.
As part of its Legacy campaign,
Lloyds TSB has launched the Local Heroes programme which aims to help
emerging athletes by funding up to 600 hopefuls through the 2012 Games. They
will also support National School Sport Week.
McCann Worldgroup McCann Worldgroup is the official marketing services provider
for the Olympics.
Through FutureBrand, McCann
Worldgroup has designed and created the 2012 Legacy Corner. This major piece
of sustainable planning will transform the area into a new urban green space
and give an overlooked part of London a new park to enjoy for future generations
to enjoy post-Games.
McDonald’s McDonald’s will serve food to
more than 20,000 athletes and hundreds of thousands of spectators over the
Olympic period.
McDonald’s aims to deliver an
Olympic legacy for farming. The company will be providing around 14 million
meals during the Olympics, an ideal opportunity for British agriculture.
Mondo Mondo is the official supplier of sports flooring and
equipment for the Games.
Company unable to provide details
Next Next will provide uniforms for
the technical officials at the Games and suits for London organising
committee staff.
Company unable to provide details
Omega Omega will provide time pieces
and various time systems and services, including electronic timing and
scoreboards, for the Olympic Games.
Company unable to provide details
P&G P&G’s brand portfolio will be utulised to reach over 4
billion consumers around the world.
The company will introduce an
ongoing dialogue with the mothers of Olympic athletes in an effort to help
shape future corporate acts.
Panasonic Panasonic will be providing the
Olympics with digital technology, including state-of-the-art audio and visual
Panasonic aims to improve
cultural life as part of the Cultural Olympiad project, a UK-wide celebration
of culture. Panasonic will provide opportunities for expression through its
Film Nation: Short initiative, where young people are encouraged to make films
that celebrate and support the Games.
Populus Populous is the official architectural and overlay design
services provider for the Games.
The overlay facilities are
designed to have a lasting impression while not damaging the charm of
London’s historical sites and buildings.
Samsung Samsung will provide wireless
equipment technology for the Olympic Games and will be the Presenting Partner
for the Olympic Torch Relay.
Company unable to provide details
Technogym Technogym is the fitness equipment supplier for the Olympics. technogym aim to promote a
fitness lifestyle that will endure beyond the 2012 Olympic Games.
Boston Consulting Group
BCG is the strategic consulting
provider for the Games and will advice on ticketing, merchandising,
sponsorship and revenue strategies.
Company unable to provide details
The Nielsen Company The Nielsen Company is the official market research services
provider for the Games.
Company unable to provide details
Thomas Cook Thomas Cook is the official
provider of ticket and accommodation short breaks for the Olympics
Company unable to provide details
Ticketmaster Ticketmaster is the official ticketing services provider for
the Games.
Company unable to provide details
Trident Trident is the official provider of chewing gum for the
Olympic Games.
Company unable to provide details
UPS UPS will operate as the lead logistics and express delivery
supporter of the Olympics.
UPS will deploy 14 purpose-built
electric vehicles as part of its green fleet project, with the aim to promote
and develop sustainable travel and delivery.
Visa Presenting partner of Team 2012,
a group of 1,200 Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are all striving to
compete at the London 2012 Games.
Visa’s contribution to the
Olympic Legacy involves a focus on youth. It says its commitment to youth is
demonstrated through its ongoing support of UNICEF, the Child Exploitation
and Online Protection Centre and local volunteering programmes which are devoted
to supporting young people through mentoring and coaching.